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A fine blend of natural modernity, Baci is an Italian based Fashion House that crafts sustainable womenswear for all-day leisure. Authentic meets ethical, our collection is meticulously designed, sourced, and produced with nature in mind, inciting everyday ease, simplicity, and unrestrained living.

Simple - Yet Detailed

Made for bold woman with a taste for freedom, Baci provides uncomplicated design for unrestrained living. Classic yet understated, our collection creates space for woman to live, breathe and explore with ease. Rooted in comfort and flexibility, I (aka - Batia "Baci" Rutenberg), believe clothes are meant to be an extension of your body and an expression of your lifestyle, moving with your body for everyday luxury. Enhancing your inner authenticity, our range empowers woman to live freely, love wildly and savor your surroundings, in style. Although simple and modest, Baci's styles are also meticulous. Maintaining a fine-eye for detail and premium quality, each piece is designed with intention and produced with precision. Whether it’s a basic Tee or a soft linen jumpsuit; every stitch, unraveled seam, and oversized pocket has been refined with purpose and passion.

Colors of Culture 

Stirred by rich culture and Italian landscapes, Baci's color palette is an expression of life & home. Inciting coffee macchiatos at the local café and the warm hues of terracotta land; every color is thoughtful, calming and inspires the simplicity of Italy. Reminiscent of old town Florence and the Tuscan sun, our palette evokes the earthy tones of simple living; from beige coble streets, turquoise seas, and white-washed homes to pastel pink skies and lush sage-green forests. Every piece is dipped and dyed to ignite a feeling of amore a prima vista – love at first sight.

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Ethical Production

Inspired by earth and the simplicity within nature, Baci is both authentic and au ‘natural. Contributing to the sustainable solution of our future, Baci is devoted to protecting and preserving the planet by curating a sustainable womenswear brand that is not only ethically produced with mindful practices but also ensures all materials are sustainably sourced. From soft cotton, raw linen, fine-textured hemp, and other fabric blends, we always try our best to choose natural. Grounded in our philosophy of freedom, our materials are cool, breathable, and soft to the touch, ensuring you can move with more freedom and more flow. Beyond the slow-fashion movement, we also value fabric innovation, which is why we have transformed some of our production processes. Blending recycled polyester from plastic products and vintage clothes, we have renewed the way of fashion, creating a sustainable womenswear solution that helps restore the environment, naturally.

The Delicacy of Dye

Authentic and complex, our dying process is not only a delicate artform but also an organic solution to conscious living. Specializing in an array of garment dying methods, from cold and hot wash to hand and stone wash, each collection is dyed in small batches. Mindful of fabric waste and dye run-off, we try our best to re-use and re-cycle all materials, ensuring minimal impact is made on our environment. Although we try our best to maintain consistency across collections, the nature of the dyeing process shapes the final product, producing a unique piece that is rare in both color and texture. Making each piece simply one-of-a-kind.