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Look Good, Do Good.

At Baci, we don't just create clothing for you to wear; we're dedicated to crafting quality pieces rooted in the principles of sustainability and ethics.

Our commitment to a greener planet runs deep. We believe in the beauty of nature, and that's why our creations are infused with as much natural goodness as possible. From being the inspiration source of our collections, to the 100% natural & upcycled materials chosen to make each piece, it's clear that we deeply value the environment around us.

Our Fabrics

From the gentle touch of cotton to the rustic charm of raw linen, to the exquisite texture of fine-textured hemp, we always try our best to choose natural. We're also proud pioneers of recycled and upcycled fabrics, breathing new life into materials that were once forgotten. With every blend, every stitch, we're rewriting the narrative of what's possible in fashion.

Our People

When you hold one of our pieces, know that it carries not only the artistry of Italian craftsmanship but also the stories of those who poured their passion into its creation. Behind every stitch is a life, a family, and a community – all deserving of respect, recognition, and the pursuit of their dreams. We're more than just creators; we're supporters of livelihoods, ensuring that the hands that craft our pieces are treated with dignity and respect.

Less Waste, More Style

Our garments aren't just clothing; they're pieces designed with you in mind. We believe in creating for you, not for landfills. Our philosophy is simple: less waste, more style. We donate our excess garments to causes close to our hearts, like Housing Works NY, spreading love and warmth where it's needed most. We're also advocates of recycling and repurposing, transforming fabric scraps into upcycled materials that find new life in unexpected ways.

Our Packaging

Our packaging is a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and protecting the environment we all call home. Every box and every piece of wrapping has been meticulously crafted from 100% recyclable materials because we believe that your elegance doesn't need to come at the expense of our environment.