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Meticulously Designed Just For You

Each Baci piece is celebration of quality fabrics and tasteful style. Discover how we thoughtful curate each piece to deliver a small slice of luxury that is truly made just for you.

A fine blend of natural modernity, Baci has been crafting sustainable womenswear for all-day leisure for over 20 years. Authentic meets ethical, our collections are meticulously designed, sourced, and produced with nature in mind, inciting everyday ease, simplicity, and unrestrained living.

The Design...

Each Baci piece starts of in the mind of Batia Rutenberg, the founder & Head Designer of the brand. As an expression of her extensive travelling and personal experiences, Batia articulates her exploration of women, culture, and innovation through the meticulous art of design with her two iconic lines Baci and AMICI by Baci.

Emphasizing beauty, aesthetics, and art, the Baci brand was created to depict a very rich culture of simple living. Rooted in comfort and flexibility, Batia, believes clothes are meant to be an extension of your body and an expression of your lifestyle, moving with your body for everyday ease.

Enhancing your inner authenticity, our collections are designed to have interesting silhouettes , prints and unique color finishes we specially create to empower woman to live freely, love wildly and savor their surroundings, in style.

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The Materials...

At Baci, we're not just about fashion, we're about feeling. We believe that the essence of true style lies in the materials that embrace your skin. That's why we always strive to bring you the best – the best in comfort, the best in sustainability, and the best in freedom.

From the gentle touch of cotton to the rustic charm of raw linen, to the exquisite texture of fine-textured hemp, we always try our best to choose natural. Grounded in our philosophy of freedom, our materials are cool, breathable, and soft to the touch, ensuring you can move with more freedom and more flow.

We take pride in being stewards of sustainability. Our commitment to using natural materials isn't just about comfort; it's about responsibility. Our organic cotton materials are certified by both the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that not only are you enveloped in luxurious materials, but you're also contributing to a world that values eco-conscious choices.

Our Materials Are Legit, Read More About Our Certifications

The Process...

Maintaining a fine-eye for detail and premium quality, each piece is designed with intention and produced with precision. The journey of a Baci garment begins in the heart of Italy, where a mixture of heritage and innovation guides every step towards pieces that not only look good but feel right.

From the initial spark of inspiration to the final touch of perfection, our process is a symphony of artistry and consciousness. Our patterns and samples come to life within the walls of our Italian offices, a testament to our commitment to in-house creativity.

When it's time to produce a full collection, we turn to our Italian factories, where traditional craftmanship and modernity merge to sustainably and ethically create beautiful quality pieces.

But here's where it gets fascinating: we don't just pick colors off a shelf. We collaborate with alchemists at specialized dyeing companies to weave the perfect shades and finishes. It's a dance of chemistry and creativity, resulting in hues that are as unique as your fingerprint.

From the whisper of cold wash to the sizzle of hot wash, the caress of hand wash to the embrace of stone wash. Each collection is lovingly dyed in small, exclusive batches, mindful of minimizing waste and environmental impact. Although we try our best to maintain consistency across collections, the nature of the dyeing process shapes the final product, producing a unique piece that is rare in both color and texture. Making each piece simply one-of-a-kind.