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Florence, Italy - The City of Lilies

A few words about Florence, from Baci's own head of production Roy Rutenberg:

The eyes are overcome with beauty and do not know where to look! This is how I feel when I walk the streets of Florence, populated with fashionable people as well art and architecture that is displayed on almost every corner. It is befitting that this city is considered the capital of the Renaissance.
Not only is Florence notable as one of Europe's fashion capitals and home for top-notch Italian designers, it is a city blooming with some of the best culinary dishes the world has to offer. I have highlighted some of my favorite parts of Florence that continue to inspire myself and many elements of the Baci brand:

The Florence "Duomo" is the center of the old city and consists of a beautiful, must see cathedral and piazza. Santa Maria del Fiore is the main cathedral of Florence and one of the biggest cathedrals in the world. It is translated into " Maria the saint of the flowers" and known as one of the most important landmarks of the Italian Renaissance.

The "Piazza della Signoria" is the central piazza in the city of Florence and near the "Palazzo Vechio", the old palace. It is one of the most famous pieces of architecture and one of the biggest tourist attractions to visit. In the Piazza stands a replica of the statue of "King David". The original was sculpted by Michelangelo and was located there until the 19th century until its transfer to the Academy of Art in Florence.

Piazza Michelangelo is a famous piazza located on a hill in the southern part of Florence with the most stunning views of the old city. Walking on the "ARNO" river, which divides the old and new parts of the city, is an absolute must. It faces the "Ponte Vecchio" which is the oldest, most colorful bridge in Florence.

Above all else, Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region, famous for its organic food products, delectable red wine, olives, fruits, vegetables and more than 100 types of beans, making it it's leading distributor in the world!

The people of Florentine (Florence) are also big meat-eater's. One of the most famous dishes in the area is the "Bistecca alla Florentina" which translates into "Steak style Florentine". The chianina beef in which the steak is cut from is famous for its tenderness and flavor. Another extraordinary dish from the area is the " Pollo al Mattone". Chicken thighs are cooked and pressed with a brick stone and usually served with a side dish of sautéed kale or spinach.

These are just a few of my favorite things about the great city of Florence that I am so fortunate to visit on Baci's behalf and would recommend that everyone should see the city in person.