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Camouflage print is a part of the military trend. The is trend is gaining more and more popularity on the runways with designers preferring a steady diet of their modern iterations. Casual street style loves camo print. Lately, Camo has even become a new neutral thriving from season to season.

This Fall in particular, Baci has camo pieces everywhere in collection for anytime of day. Start your day in our camo jogger, a bold substitute for your basic blue jeans topped with one of our dramatic tops to match. We have two favorite jackets, one extra long classic camo, the other a cropped water color version.

Lastly, master camo layering injected with a feminine edge with our unique camo tulle midi skirt and spaghetti strap dress with camo overlay.To ramp up the feminine camo touch, the secret is in accessories – Yes! You can even wear a casual camo jacket outfit elegantly. Wear it over a dress or a skirt and accessorize with elegant strappy sandals or ankle boots. You can also try the semi-professional look by pairing a camo print jacket with tailored pants and chunky heels.

Style Must Haves: Linen

Linen is our favorite summer fabric; it keeps us cool on those scorching hot days. We’ve picked our favorite linen pieces from our summer collection that we can’t stop wearing.

Colors of Fall

This fall, the hot colors are inspired by fall’s warmth – with a some surprising standout hues. As expected from a fall color palette there will be plenty of warm colors such as Navy Peony, Neutral Grey, Butterum and Tawny Port, all which give off a cozy vibe. Things are looking a little more vivid, though – splashy tones in pale pink, lime green and a bright blue will also be prevalent.

Vacation Wardrobe Picks

Summer is about to be in full swing and that can only mean one thing: Vacation! Baci has curated your perfect "vacay" wardrobe for wherever you go and for any occasion.

From silk to cotton to linen, stay trendy and comfortable while traveling with our favorite picks of the season.

Mom (hearts) silk from Baci

It's all about softness, how it layers and the way it skims the body…

These chic pieces will keep her cool all summer long. Baci's timeless styling for the way she dresses for day and evening.